Welcome to AstroSociety

The first customizable profile picture NFT collection building a WEB3 cross platform dapp.
A handful of Trippers have brought to Earth the technology used to build the first cross platform app which will allow users to connect their vast NFT art galleries from multiple blockchains to any screen for viewing, sharing and/or enjoyment.
More Trippers are coming to Mother Earth to join the core community for the Astroverse app.
To enter our society mint your Tripper here:


9000 PFP NFTs that are randomly generated from over 250 traits and thriving on the Polygon Blockchain.

Holding a Tripper grants access to Astro Pub. The member-only area of our community where the Trippers chill, share ideas and conduct their intergalactic businesses.
The Tripper unlocks a lifetime pass to the Astroverse app.

Trippers also have staking options and a unique mechanism to customize the Tripper and create a new level of rarity. Holding a Tripper will also get you Astro Gear, our AstroSociety merchandise collection.

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Each TRIPPER is unique and randomly generated from over 250 possible traits, including places, skins, clothing and more.

Trippers are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain and hosted on Filecoin network cloud. Price will increase 3 times, at each 3.000 Trippers minted.

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A Tripper travels from planet to planet, never settling. The only place where they gather and chill is in the Astro Pub, so they make the most of every moment.

All the interplanetary alpha news start at the Pub. Any releases, deals, or Space travel news is exclusively spoken at the Astro Pub.


  Pub nights, with community awards and limited-edition mini collections, are not to be missed and every single member is going to have Metagalactic experience. Astro Pub will also be the place where community members can see and get the full menu of Space potions.


The Trippers like a nice drink. These refined Space Cocktails from the outer edges of the galaxy can alter a Trippers identity and looks forever.


Astro Pub’s menu has all the Space Cocktails, Cosmic Ale, Plasma Beer, Nova Lager and other drinks, but each Tripper can choose only one drink from their personalized menu. The Space Potion changes them forever… how they look, how they feel…how they interact with the galaxy.


Space potions can be bought from the Astro Pub, but it is better to earn them through beta testing our app, being solid active community members, and completing early Pub nights in our Discord. The more active a community member is, the more Space potions they collect, the more options they have when the customization happens after the full mint.


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Trippers can be staked to earn Astro, a reward token distributed every 24h. Astro token can be used to buy Space potions, get into some Space gear and also can be staked for some Cosmic rewards.

In addition to these features, we are putting 45% of the proceeds back into the community, through direct rewards, and offering tokens for staking your NFT, which are exchangeable in our marketplace for limited-edition Space Gear. The first wave of the Tripper experience will include 3000 assets and the price and mint date is TBA.


Core Team

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Andrei Lăschian


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Michael Thomson

App Developer


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Nagy Attila

Smart Contract Developer


Radu Alin



Codrin Michnea

Marketing Specialist


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