Tripper is a collection of 9000 unique ProFile Picture NFT's living on Polygon Blockchain. Your Tripper also stands for your AstroSociety membership card and gives you access to members only perks, the first one of which is access to AstroPub. Future perks and mini collections will be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

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Each TRIPPER is unique and randomly generated from over 200 possible traits, including places, skins, clothing and more.

All Trippers are dope and cool in their own way, some are rarer than others, some are VERY RARE, trust me.

Trippers are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain and hosted on Filecoin network cloud. Price will increase 3 times, at each 3.000 Trippers minted.

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To access members only areas such as AstroPub, Tripper holders will need to be signed into their MetaMask Wallet. AstroPub will be the place where trippers spend some quality time and relax, get early announcement and chill chat with the trippers from all over the galaxies. Benefits and fun will increase over time, we hope to see you there.

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Tripper holders will have the opportunity to earn AstroToken as Staking rewards, which is the primary coin used in AstroSociety galaxies.

Each Tripper NFT will earn AstroToken every 24 hours.

AstroToken can be spent in our shops, evolving mechanism, minting and in the AstroPub.

Core Team

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Andrei Lăschian


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Andrei Moisuc

App Developer

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Nagy Attila

Smart Contract Developer


Radu Alin

Product Manager


Codrin Michnea

Marketing Specialist


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