How to add Custom Tokens To MetaMask

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Step 1: Find a custom token contract address on Ether Scan. To copy the token’s contract address click on the number’s right side and add token button.

Step 2: Launch MetaMask Extension. Open up a Metamask account on chrome extension, click on MetaMask fox logo select and click on the Add “Tokens” tab.

Step 3: Import Tokens. Click on the “Import tokens” tab.

Step 4: Add Token Address. In the “Token Contract Address” field, paste in the public address of the token address you want to add to your wallet for a custom token.

Step 5: Add Token Symbol & Decimals. In the “Token Symbol” field, paste in the symbol of the custom token. In the “Decimals” field, paste in the number of decimals for your custom token. Most tokens use a value of 18.

Step 6: Click “Add Custom Token”. Now your custom token is added. Your MetaMask wallet will now be able to store the specified token!