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Galaxies are collections of stars, gas, dust and dark matter held together by gravity.

-Developing Tripper's design and concept
-Building the core team
-Market research 
-Building marketing strategies

When galaxies get close, gravity pulls them together, causing a collision.

-Building Social Media Communities on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc.
-Revealing the Roadmap for our Tripper Community 
-Whitelist giveaway to build our community 
-Announce 1st mint round and price

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Galaxies are thought to begin as small clouds of stars and dust swirling through space.

-1st mint round (Date & Price: TBA)
-10 NFT giveaway for holders @100% mint
-AstroPub beta release
-Marketing campaign and community growth
-1st mint: 70% of the funds goes for marketing and 30% for team and development
-Announce 2nd mint round

Their appearance and composition are shaped over billions of years by interactions with groups of stars and other galaxies.

-2nd mint round (Date & Price: TBA)
-Tripper's reveal at 50% mint
-Community giveaway for holders
-Staking released
-Adding liquidity for Astro Token
-Locking liquidity for 2 years
-2nd mint: 70% of the funds goes for liquidity and 30% for development, team and giveaways  
-Announce 3rd mint round

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Following a collision, stars and other material begin settling into orbits around a new galactic core.

-3rd mint round (Date & Price: TBA)
-NFT customization released @100% mint
-Space Potion giveaway
-Securing an Audit from Polygon partners
-Community giveaway for holders  
-AstroPub Grand Opening
-Astroverse beta release
-Space Gear for holders only
-Astro Pub Games and Markets
-Astro Pub Inventory is build
-3rd mint: 70% of the funds goes for Astroverse development and 30% for team and giveaways


Millions or even billions of years may pass before galaxies merge completely into a single larger galaxy.

-Astroverse development and updates with full realease.
-Roadmap 2.0


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